Wooden Calculation Shelf | Abacus Counting Addition

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  • The all new colourful abacus includes 55 colourful beads and 2 interchangeable double-sided wooden board facilitating the early math skills of your toddlers. Wooden boards feature addition and subtraction
  • The best way to teach the basics of arithmetic to little ones is by letting them play with Abacus (1-10). It’s an amazing game to keep the little ones engaged and entertained while educating them!!


Fun Little Math Toy

Easy to learn abacus math toy for your special ones. Math can be real fun to teach and learn. Time to find it out!


Package Includes:

  • 55 colourful beads in 10 colours
  • 1 interchangeable double-sided wooden board


Calculation Shelf Abacus

Wooden abacus with colourful pieces will encourage thoughtful learning of patterns, colours and counting. Children have a great imagination, so the abacus wooden beads can turn into animals that they have to count in the zoo or building machines that they have to add to the construction site.

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  1. taniya

    absolute pleasure

  2. taniya

    absolute pleasure

  3. madan


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